Detroit Restaurants

If you’re a donut lover, you’ll love Dilla’s Delights, a hip-hop themed donut shop in downtown Detroit. The shop is owned by the uncle of hip-hop music producer J. Dilla. Guests can choose from a variety of themed donuts, including the Rico Suave Cinnamon Raisin and the Aaliyah Lemon-Filled. Besides the donuts, there’s also a wide selection of hip-hop music themed cocktails.

Norma G’s

Norma G’s in Detroit is a new eatery serving Caribbean and Trinidadian fare. While the food truck operated in the area for some time, it finally has a permanent location. The restaurant seats about 91 people and offers elevated versions of food truck dishes. The menu is extensive, ranging from classic Caribbean fare to innovative twists on classic favorites. During the week, it is open until 11:30 p.m., with extended hours on Friday and Saturday.

The interior of Norma G’s is as colorful as its food. It features yellow and teal walls, cushioned bar stools, and wood and metal chairs. Its paved parking lot and colorful interior design reflect the island’s vibrant culture. The restaurant has also been a finalist in the 2015 Hatch Detroit contest and graduated from TechTown Retail Boot Camp. The food and drink at Norma G’s is both fresh and tasty.

Lester Garcia is the owner of Norma G’s in Detroit. A food truck turned brick-and-mortar venue, the restaurant’s owners are bridging the city’s disparate neighborhoods. While there is plenty of Detroit diners at Norma G’s, the city’s current demographics don’t match the island’s. Despite its new location, Detroit’s racial divide means that new restaurants tend to reflect the area’s social and economic divide. In fact, there are very few Detroit-based restaurants that are truly melting pots.

Yum Village

If you’re looking for a great new restaurant in Detroit, look no further than YumVillage. This Afro-Caribbean concept recently opened its first permanent location on Woodward Avenue in the New Center neighborhood. The restaurant is known for its fast service and inexpensive prices. The menu also features dishes from the West African continent. It’s the perfect spot for people who don’t want to spend too much, but still want to experience the authentic flavor of African food.

Founded by Chef Godwin Ihentuge, Yum Village is an innovative restaurant-market that specializes in flavorful Afro-Caribbean food. Originally a catering company, Yum Village began as a peripatetic pop-up in the city, hosting various chefs. In 2017, he launched Soul Food Detroit, serving authentic soul food with an Afro-Caribbean flair. Served in a layered bowl, Soul Food is served at the restaurant. The Soul Food Café offers a wide-ranging menu with a variety of unique dishes.

Founded in 2012, Yum Village has grown into a full-fledged Afro-Caribbean restaurant with a social focus. The company is committed to sustainability and positive social impact, and their eco-conscious team uses biodegradable and bisphenol-free containers. The restaurants’ environmentally-friendly menu features authentic dishes like jerk oxtail and jollof rice. Chefs also inject a hint of African flavor into classic dishes.